Creation Care Team

Is there a connection between environmental decay and spiritual emptiness?  Does the Bible call Christians to care for creation?  How is our church being called to responsible environmental stewardship?  These are some of the questions we have been exploring.

The Creation Care Team is a group of folks who care for the earth.  Sherry Golden is leading this team, and expanding the early work of Elaine Buzan and Cornell Gallagher to bring a “green ethic” to our church.  Recently they developed a plan for a community garden, and made it happen!  Check out the Community Garden Page for information on getting a plot, or the rules of the garden.

If you are looking for a self-guided study to learn more about the care of the earth, check out the booklet And the Leaves of the Tree are for the Healing of the Nations by Presbyterian minister Dr. Carol Johnston.  Copies of the booklet are available for digital download (see link to the right).

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof . . . .”  Psalm 24:1

If you are interested in joining the Creation Care Team, please talk to Elder Sherry Golden.