Stained Glass Windows

In addition to its beautiful Gothic exterior, First Presbyterian Church contains 73 Willet stained glass windows, at one time called the “Jewels of the Southwest.” Filling both the chapel and sanctuary with color and light, our windows were created by the Willet Stained Glass Studios of Philadelphia, and follow the craftsmanship of the 12th and 13th centuries. The Willet Studios also built the stained glass windows found in the National Cathedral, Washington, DC; The Church Center, United Nations, NY; Princeton University Chapel and the Chapel at West Point Military Academy.

At the dedication of the windows, Dr. Henry Willet, president of Willet Stained Glass Studios, is quoted as saying: “We hope and pray that these stained glass windows will inspire not only this congregation, but countless others to follow, that they may worship the Almighty joyously.”  John of Damascus, back in the 10th century, described this feeling best when he said: ‘I enter the church choked with the cares of the world. The glowing colors attract my sight like a flowing meadow and the Glory of God steals into my soul.’ ”

Stained Glass Window Tours

We are pleased to offer free tours of these majestic windows. All tours are free, approximately 45 minutes in length, and start in the Sanctuary.  Different tour themes available, such as the Cathedral Tour, the Making of Stained Glass, or various biblical themes such as Jesus Miracles, The Reformation, Pentecost.  Groups welcomed.  Enter the church through the office doors in the south courtyard.

Some of the more popular tours are:

The Cathedral Window Tour is our most popular tour, exploring both the sanctuary and chapel windows. This 45 minute tour will give you the opportunity to see each of our 73 Willet stained glass windows, as well as other windows made by church members. Enjoy the extravagance of color and light as through the Biblical story, the history of the windows, and the making of stained glass.

The Apocalypse & the Eschaton Tour glimpses beyond to the End of Times with an exploration of the images and symbols of the Book of Revelation.  Covering the Invitation Window, Prayer Window, Sanctuary Narthex Screen, and the Christ Triumphant Window, this tour includes Old Testament as well as New Testament glimpses of the beyond.

The Feasts & Famine Tour is a favorite during Lent, the penitential part of the church year, focusing on spiritual regeneration and preparation for Easter. The Old and New Testaments are full of images of food, fellowship, and frivolity, and so is this window tour! From the Passover to the Lord’s Supper, from Elijah being fed by the ravens to the feeding of the five thousand, the Bible reminds us at every turn how we are connected to the land, and surrounded by the abundance it brings. Come and nourish your soul with this exciting new tour.

Hidden Symbols & The Making of Stained Glass Tour. Ever wonder how stained glass was made?  Ever spotted a symbol in a window and wondered if it had a deep or hidden meaning? Come explore the mystery and depth of our stained glass windows, numerology in the windows and architecture, and the secrets and hidden treasures of First Presbyterian’s windows.

For more information, or to schedule a private tour for your group, call 405-525-6584 or email the church office at