Our Team


Rev. John McKinnon


Rev. John McKinnon is a North Carolina native who has served First Presbyterian Church since September of 2016. John has passions for worship, faith formation and pastoral care. He desires to help people not only know about Christ, but also to know Christ through the Holy Spirit in their personal lifes. John and his wife, Darci, have been married for 22 years and have a daughter and son.

Dr. Warren Puffer Jones

Director of Music

John L. Edwards


Becki Walden

Business Administrator

Blake Barrett

Communications Director

Lanie Denner

Preschool Director

Tish Harrison

Tish Harrison

SPARK Director

Jack Lancaster

Facilities Coordinator

Matt Lancaster

Facilities Technician

Marina Quintanilla

Administrative Assistant

Cyndi Stumpf

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Lolieta Miller

Wedding Coordinator

Seth Keeton

Wedding Coordinator

Session 2021

Rev. John McKinnon, Moderator of Session
Barbara Charlet, Clerk of Session


Worship Committee

Erica Taylor (22), Chair
David Ligon (22)
John Harris (24)

Nurture Committee

Angie Sholar (22), Council/Committee Chair
Richard Riggs (24)
Amanda Ogden (24)


Evangelism | Community Service | Communications

Mary Ann Doolen (23), Council Chair
Paula Denner (24)
Jim Tack (23)
Steve Whaylen (23)
Rachel Boggess (23)


Stewardship | Finance | Personnel | Nominating*

Larry Nichols (23), Council Chair
Gary Bryant* (22), Nom. Committee Chair
Becky Osmond (22)
Jim Boughman* (24)

Diaconate 2021

Rev. John McKinnon, Ex Officio

Class of 2022

Suzanne Baxter, Moderator
Edward Burden
Susan Perry-LeGrand, Secretary
Deloris Strider

Class of 2023

Lacey Howard
Travis Johnson
Scott Wilson
John Woodard, Vice Moderator

Class of 2024

John Ellis
Seth Keeton
Holly Guadiana
Blaine Moore